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Living More Fully with Tube and IV Feeding

Can I say what a great organization the Oley Foundation is? When I first had my feeding tube inserted as a result of surgery for tongue cancer which left me unable to swallow or speak clearly, I felt terrified. My darling husband found your website and I pored over it for weeks. The stories and practical advice calmed me down and gave me a go to place when I had problems and was feeling insecure. I have had a wonderful life since then, punctuated by nasty times with more surgery etc, but my life would have been so much more circumscribed if I hadn't know about the Oley Foundation and the wonderful practical advice and inspirational stories you provide. I can now treat my feeds as a normal everyday fuss free occurrence. I'm very grateful.

—Anne M.

HEN Consumer


"Thank you Oley for helping us being informed so we can be ‘in charge’ of ourselves.”

  —Sharon S.

           HPN Consumer

"I learned that living with a feeding tube can become as much a part of your daily routine as any other daily activity...and I wasn't going to hurt my dad while feeding and caring for him.”

—Patti M.,

           Caregiver of Former HEN Consumer 


"Oley's resources and ambassadors have provided me with the knowledge and confidence I so desperately needed to proceed with my treatments. You make a difference every single day.”

   —Terri H.

           HPN Consumer



"Your website is a source of support, information, resources, and so many other things that people need! I'm really glad I found this site, and very grateful for all the support.."


           —Danielle W.

HEN Consumer since 2005


"Thank you so much for the information. I truly was shocked to see so many people [at the Oley Regional Conference] and to realize that even though we have different diagnoses, they go through the same things I do. I attended a round table on stoma care...I have had issues since this [tube] was put in, and through one conversation, we may have figured it out!"


Maddie O.

HEN Consumer


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting the newsletter. It makes me feel connected, and not so alone!"


—Michele H.

Parent of a Consumer


“About 2 weeks after getting home I discovered Oley. What a blessing!! I read some things on the site and looked for someone to contact. I picked Rick D. and sent him an email. Did I ever choose the right person? WOW!! He gave me so much encouragement and advice. I will always be grateful for his assistance.”

—David R.
HEN Consumer


“Thank you so much for your very helpful input. The information is greatly helpful in guiding one to the effective and safe use of EN nutrition system . And your answers are so very lucid and precise and of course very positive and encouraging. It has done away my apprehension about a feeding tube to a great extent.

Here are a few lines that I feel describe the work and spirit of Oley Foundation appropriately,”

Excellence is not a destination
It is a journey of moving ahead -
It is the sense of satisfaction
For a role of Life that is well-played!
Excellence is the joy of making
A positive difference every day,
It is a promise to reach out to people
And serve them in a better way…..


—Piali M.
Potential HEN Consumer


“The Oley newsletters are so interesting and helpful to me. From the intestinal centers to GLP-2 to what the blood tests mean - there is always something that I want to print up and save.”


—Susan M.
HomePEN Consumer


“I finally had a chance to look at the September/October edition of your newsletter and want to thank you for another great edition. Because our causes overlap, we are often able to glean helpful information to pass on to our United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation members. This edition with the IHP/504 plan/IEP info was no exception. Since school issues are often a problem for mito kids, I can now pass on your link for another helpful article to frustrated parents. Thanks for all your organization is doing!”


—Jean B.

Grants Coordinator & Membership Services,
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation


“Through this invaluable organization we learned what we needed most—how to improve Sean’s care and improve his outcome. Oley gave us support. Finally, here were families and experts who understood the challenges we faced. Oley gave us expertise—unprecedented access to leading clinicians and research that directly affected our son. Oley gave us knowledge. With Oley’s help we learned concrete ways to drastically improve Sean’s health. Over and over the experts available through Oley taught us the critical importance of sterile technique, how to carefullymonitor Sean’s HPN, and countless details that have improved Sean’s life in ways we thought we could only dream of.”


—Linda & Paul M.
Parents of a HomePEN Consumer


“When my son Matthew suffered a midgut volvulus at the age of five, the lives of my entire family changed in an instant. We were frightened in our darkest hour, and the Oley Foundation reached out to help us.”


—Edithe S.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


“Entering into this whole new world of homePEN would have been totally overwhelming had it not been for your newsletters, correspondence and the family network.”


—Robert & Susan K.
Parents of a HomePEN Consumer


“Discharged from the hospital at 5 weeks old, Julie was accompanied by an IV catheter, surgically implanted into chest, and a stoma in her stomach with an exiting G-tube that emptied into a colostomy bag. She infused TPN for 20 hours a day just to stay alive.
In spite of this new lifestyle, I consider us to be the lucky ones... a family fortunate enough to have been introduced to the Oley Foundation, the life preserver for people who require enteral and parenteral nutrition. I can’t even imagine repeating Julie’s first year without them.”


—Heidi & John A.
Parents of a HomePEN Consumer


“Thank you so much for the wonderful conference. We made friends and got an education at the same time! It is good to know that we are not alone in this life we now live.”


—Dava H.

Parent of HomePEN Consumer


“HPEN feeds my body; The Oley Foundation feeds my head, heart & soul!!”


—Robin L.
HomePEN Consumer


“For the past number of years I have been receiving your LifelineLetter. When my mother was told that she would have to permanently feed through a Hickman line, she felt she could never cope. Here in Ireland I found it very hard to get any information and it was by going on the web I found out about your organization. It was like a lifeline for my family. Reading other peoples stories and experiences, and seeing how well other people coped, gave my mother strength; she didn’t feel like she was the only one having to live her life this way.

Thank you for your newsletter. It helped a family greatly in their time of need.”


—Angela D.
Daughter of a HomePN Consumer


“When the surgeon first explained that if we proceeded with the needed surgeries Jeffrey would have short bowel syndrome, we started doing some research. At first all the information we found was dire. Knowing Jeffrey’s love and zest for life we knew he would not want to live that way.

Then our daughter found the Oley Foundation, which presented a completely different picture about life with a short gut. The girls began immediately emailing consumers. The responses were overwhelming. One consumer called my daughter within minutes of receiving the email and spoke with her for over one hour. Others emailed quickly offering any help, support, counsel they could provide. Once we knew the true facts, our decision to proceed with the surgeries was made.
Today, only 4.5 months after his fourth and final surgery Jeffrey has returned to work and is leading a “normal/new normal” life. Oley consumers continue to provide help, support, and counsel. The networking and information garnered at the Regional Conference in Chicago was invaluable.”

—Susan S.
Spouse of a HomePEN Consumer


“I read about Dr. Iyer in your newsletter….He was talking about patients on TPN and liver failure. I felt like Dr. Iyer was talking about my son Matt. I wrote to him describing my son and his condition of short bowel syndrome. He called me and said he could help Matt. Now, we are on our way to New York City, where Dr. Iyer will perform the Bianchi procedure on Matt to lengthen his shorten intestines. We feel like this is a chance for Matt to have a more normal life and not have to be on TPN for life. Thank you for your organization and newsletter, you made it possible for us to connect with Dr. Iyer and we are very grateful.”


—Colette A. B.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


In response to an invitation to an Oley Foundation event:
Oley is my second family and we have to celebrate with one of our family members.”


—Nina M.

9-year-old HPEN Consumer


My daughter Shelby was born with chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction Nov. 18, 2005. She has a broviac, g-tube, and ileostomy. She has been on TPN since birth. I just want to thank the Oley foundation for doing all you do to help all of us going through this. I was reading one of the stories of a 5th grade girl on your page, and it gave me much hope for my daughter when she starts school. Thank you for all you do!”


—Lori W.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


We anxiously await each newsletter and save all the copies for reference. Thanks so much for the great paper!”


—Rose C.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


I really appreciate all the materials Oley has available.”


—Kristie J.B., RD, LD/N, CNSD,
Clinical Dietitian
Precision Healthcare, Inc


I can’t begin to appropriately thank everyone for all they did during those years. You all [at Oley] make such a difference….I will never forget the kindness and caring people who touched our family’s lives and hearts at the conference in Dallas.”


—Louann H.
HPN Consumer


I wanted to thank The Oley Foundation for being such a great organization - providing compassion, awareness and a sense of togetherness for individuals on home IV and tube feedings and their families. I’ve had health issues pretty much straight for the last 19 years, since I was 10. Being in hospital countless times, having major surgeries, blockages, etc, etc. But it was only last March when I discovered that home TPN was even an option. The very first place I looked (even before my TPN coordinator mentioned it) was Oley Foundation - and it made me realize I wasn’t as alone as I thought. That home IV & tube feedings are a gift to both individuals and their families and friends. So thank you to The Oley Foundation for all that you do.”


—Yael J.
HPN Consumer


Oley is a great resource for our patients.”


 —Mary L.
Patient Educator, San Diego Medical Center


I’ve heard great things about this foundation and cannot thank you all enough for the support you give.


Jen A.

HPN Consumer

Donor Testimonials


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Conference Testimonials


"My wife was a home TPN patient for over 15 years.  She and I attended many Oley conferences, and learned a lot of valuable information that helped her with her condition.  We also made many new friends along the way, and visited many places that we would not have seen without the encouragement of Oley conferences. I thank Oley for making this journey of life a little easier."

—Charles L.


"The Oley Conference is an amazing experience.  As a medical device manufacturer, the time we get to spend listening to the sessions, hearing the candid conversations, and engaging with the attendees is invaluable.  Hearing what life is like with a tube and understanding the consumer’s needs is something we look forward to every year-and we bring a cross functional team because of how valuable we’ve found the insights to be.  The Oley Conference taught me more than any other meeting or event I’ve attended yet."

Nicki G.


“I enjoyed the conference and learned a great deal. I thought I knew a lot headed in but getting to know others and their stories was enlightening. It gave me a sense of renewed hope and a feeling of fitting in with other non eaters.”


Pam S.

HPN Consumer

“We learned a great deal and saw first-hand how critical an organization like Oley can be in a tube-fed patient’s life.”


—Chelsea L.

First-time exhibitor



It was such a pleasure to be able to attend the conference for the first time this year. I really had no idea that we’d been missing out on so much! Watching Ava get to be with kids who understand and who deal with the same things she does was amazing for me and it lifted her spirits immensely. We’re both looking forward to next year and I hope that other new families who will be able to attend will be impacted as strongly as we were.


—Lindsay K.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


For years, I have been attending the Oley Conference as a clinician who cares for patients on tube feeding or parenteral nutrition. This is the most important and life changing conference I attend each year. Interacting with consumers and hearing their respective stories has made me a better clinician; most importantly the consumers share their stories with one another, they bond, they help each other feel less alone and they form a lasting network of friends.


—HPEN Clinician


It was wonderful to see so many people that we have known for many years! Meeting people who came for their first convention and hearing their stories makes your heart swell with joy. We old timers all remember what and how we all felt when we attended our first convention. The surprising thing is the feelings or words are the same..You felt for the first time that you are not alone, you feel normal for the first time. In the real world you don’t see anyone walking around with back packs or having any tubes out. The OLEY CONVENTION IS A GIFT THAT YOU SHOULD GIVE TO YOURSELF AND TO THOSE WHO LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO LIVE A FULL LIFE.


—Rose W.
HomePN Consumer


It was awesome and it was my first time there. Got to meet some very great people.


—Cindy T.
HEN Consumer


Thanks for the warm welcome, wonderful meeting and the opportunity to meet so many great people. All the lectures and workshops were extremely interesting and beneficial for me. I’ve gathered a lot of information which for sure will be very helpful during my time on HPN.


—Marek L.
HPN Consumer


It was such a moving experience for us to be surrounded by people who have been on HPEN for so long. We were also touched and inspired by the families and young people who spoke up and told their stories. We definitely have found a family with Oley!


—Laura F.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


“We thoroughly enjoyed our first experience at the Oley national conference. The medical professionals and consumers present were outstanding. We learned a great deal that will help improve the quality of life for my husband.”


—Carol S.
Spouse of a HomePEN Consumer


Meeting everyone and shedding the feeling of being isolated was well worth the trip to the conference. Oley is an invaluable resource.”


—Longoria Family,
Parents of a HomePEN Consumer


It was a great conference. We all got a lot from it! It always does our heart good to connect with other friends who live similar paths.”


—LeeAnne B.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


What an AWESOME four days I’ve spent helping to put the final touches on the upcoming Oley Conference...This conference is one that NO ONE should miss if you, your loved one, or your client / patient is G-tube, GJ-tube, or TPN fed....The educational opportunities that will be received by all who attend are beyond any words that I could use to describe.”


—Lesley M.
Parent of a HomePEN Consumer


“Last year in San Diego was truly was the best vacation I have ever had and it meant so much to be able to connect to other HPEN consumers. For those few days I really felt “normal”, whatever normal really is! My “normal” seems to change day to day, and sometimes even minute to minute!”


HPEN Consumer 

I was very pleased and appreciative of every aspect of the conference....[The] presentations were very informative.....Most of all, the conference provided the opportunity to talk with other patients. It gave me a broader perspective on how people deal with their need for parenteral nutrition, whether adults or parents caring for their children, and it was very heartening and helpful to be able to talk about day-to-day issues with others in my situation.”


—Susan P.
HPN Consumer


As an HPN clinician, I learn more at the Oley conference than I do at nearly any other clinical meeting I attend.”


—Darlene K.
Director HPN Program
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Anonymous comments from evaluation forms:


I learn so much even though I am a very long HPN patient.”

I thought we came knowing a lot, and found out there’s a lot more to learn.”

I appreciate how the session touched on the issues of chronic illness, loss and coping with the chronic grief.”

We learned a lot regarding food, flying, travel and relationships.”

Updated 9/2016

This website is an educational resource. It is not intended to provide medical advice or recommend a course of treatment. You should discuss all issues, ideas, suggestions, etc. with your clinician prior to use. Clinicians in a relevant field have reviewed the medical information; however, the Oley Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented, and is not liable if information is incorrect or incomplete. If you have questions please contact Oley staff.


Updated in 2015 with a generous grant from Shire, Inc. 


This website was updated in 2015 with a generous grant from Shire, Inc. This website is an educational resource. It is not intended to provide medical advice or recommend a course of treatment. You should discuss all issues, ideas, suggestions, etc. with your clinician prior to use. Clinicians in a relevant field have reviewed the medical information; however, the Oley Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented, and is not liable if information is incorrect or incomplete. If you have questions please contact Oley staff.
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