2014 Oley Conference 


Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld   

Orlando, Florida

June 23-27, 2014

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2013 Annual Oley Consumer/Clinician Conference

Record Attendance at Oley Conference!

We welcomed 529 people to the 28th Annual Oley Consumer/Clinician Conference in Hyannis, Massachusetts, in June. It was record-breaking attendance! Consumers came from near and far to hear experts in the field of nutrition support speak, to meet one another, and to enjoy the beauty of Cape Cod. The Cape Cod Times covered the event with the apt headline, “Feeding Body and Mind.”

  • Miranda and Dave came with their toddler all the way from Australia, while Carolyn joined us from England, Marek from Poland, and Lilac from Israel. Many attendees hailed from Massachusetts and the East Coast, but consumers also traveled from California, Louisiana, and Michigan. Lunches, the picnic, the silent auction, and meeting in the lobby or by the pool were great opportunities for attendees to meet one another and talk about life on home IV and/or tube feeding.

  • There were more than 150 new attendees—people who had never been to an Oley conference before—with us. We’ve invited several to write about their experiences (and if you were a new attendee and we missed you, please tell us about your first conference! Send to Lisa at metzgel@mail.amc.edu.)

  • The children were amazing—all 87 of them! While some attended sessions with their parents, dozens joined Oley volunteers in child care and the youth activity. Connections were strong!

  • Main session faculty included Stanley Dudrick, MD, FACS, FACN, FASPEN, one of the “fathers” of parenteral nutrition, who discussed the history of the therapy, and the challenges—and resistance—researchers face as they try to develop new solutions to medical problems; Antonio Morabito, MD, FRCS, FICS, joined us from the UK to discuss non-transplant surgery in patients with short bowel syndrome; Khalil Bitar, PhD, AGAF, spoke to us from his office in North Carolina about new developments with engineering intestines in the lab. Mary Baker, PharmD, MBA, updated us on drug shortages; Alyce Newton, MS, RD, CNSC, LDN, discussed alternative lipid solutions (for PN); Christopher Duggan, MD, MPH, addressed options for treating short bowel; and Oley President Mary Patnode, MS Ed, discussed the need for patients to self-advocate.

  • Many knowledgeable clinicians led breakout sessions, the choices in the afternoons were plentiful and varied—topics ranged from a tube-feeding jam session, to swimming/bathing with a catheter, to catheter care, nutrition, Hirschsprung’s disease, clinical trials, family dynamics, caregiver respite, interpreting lab results, and dating. Look for articles on several of these topics in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

  • Attendees also learned about the latest products services available from the 38 exhibitors, and helped raised $4100 at the silent auction. We offer many thanks to everyone who participated and made this conference a success. In your words…

“Great conference!”
“It is always so good to see everyone.”
“Thank you for the education, love and new friends.”
“I felt wonderfully supported by [the faculty]. They demonstrated an openness and individualized approach to the unique problems we were encountering.”
“The program was extremely informative.”
“I feel like we are one big family.”
“I truly believe it has changed the path of my healing.”
“It is such a gift to be able to talk to some of the top researchers in the world, and be treated with so much respect and compassion.”
“I learned so much. (I didn’t know as much as I thought I did!)“
“It was such a wonderful experience for our family, especially [our son on HPN]—he had the time of his life!”


2013 Conference Program

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2012 Annual Conference

27th Annual Oley Consumer/Clinician Conference Highlights

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