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The Oley Foundation program overview will help you become familiar with the many resources available through the Oley Foundation and its Web site.    

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Helping Your Patients Adjust to IV & Tube Feeding

Handouts for the Clinician:
When the Clinician Becomes the Patient (posted with permission from Infusion magazine)
Ensuring Your HPEN Patients Live Well : What to Ask Before Discharge
Home Parenteral Nutrition: The Consumer's Perspective
Living with Home Enteral Nutrition: An Exploration of the Physical & Psycho-Social Issues

Printed Education Materials for Patients/Clinicians:

HPN Complication Chart
Tube Feeding Troubleshooting Guide 
Adult Catheter Care and Infection Prevention Guide
Patient Educational Materials: Where to Find them
More Patient materials available, browse the "Resource" menu
More Clinician materials available @ A.S.P.E.N.

Online Education for Patients/Clinicians:

Module  One: Take Charge
Module Two: Catheter-Associated Infection
My HPN Module Three: Fluid Balance
My HPN Module Four: Glucose Control

Presentations from Oley meetings

Educational Meeting for Patients/Clinicians:
Come to Oley's Annual Conference and Bring Your Patients

Travel Information to Share with Patients:
Travel Tips
Sample Clinician Letter for Patient Traveling by Airplane or Overseas 
Travel/Hospitalization Packet 

Enteral Formula Reimbursement

In Hospital Safety

Save that Line (poster for PN patients to use when hospitalized ) 

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updated May 22, 2015